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Strong And Compassionate Divorce Representation

Divorce is a big undertaking and a big change. You are going to need a plan. You are going to need clear-headed advice and moral support. You are going to need someone who can fight for you.

Attorney Heather Stewart is the experienced and compassionate divorce lawyer you want leading the way through this difficult process. In or out of court, she will help you protect your interests and choose the best course of action to reach a favorable outcome.

Heather Stewart is also a certified mediator. She encourages anyone getting divorced to explore mediation as an alternative to battling it out in court.

Fair And Sensible Property Division

Arizona is a community property state. That means all wealth (and all debt) you accumulated during the marriage is split evenly, no matter who was the breadwinner or whose name is on the accounts. However, property owned before you married is considered separate property in most cases. And some wealth earned during the marriage is exempt, such as an inheritance or proceeds of a lawsuit.

The marital estate includes the house, closely held businesses, vehicles, valuables, investments, retirement savings, other possessions, and all loans and debts. Heather Stewart helps you explore creative ways to balance out an equal distribution in a property settlement agreement. It may be necessary to go to court to settle specific disputes over valuations or whether a particular asset is community property.

Will There Be Alimony In Your Arizona Divorce?

The primary factors in the amount and duration of spousal maintenance (“alimony”) are the difference in your incomes and how long you were married. However, maintenance is not always awarded. The court considers many factors – such as age, health and employable skills – to determine if one spouse needs to be financially supported. Another factor is whether one spouse contributed to the education and earning capacity of the higher-earning spouse. Heather Stewart can gauge whether alimony is likely in your situation, and if so, whether you should negotiate the level of maintenance or let the court decide.

Custody And Support Of Your Children

Child custody is a great source of conflict in divorce. As parents, you may disagree on how to raise the child and who should have primary custody. If you cannot work out the terms custody and parenting time, a judge will make those decisions. Heather Stewart draws on 20 years of experience in Arizona family law, including her insights as a divorce and custody mediator, to help you negotiate a parenting plan that is practical and healthy for everyone. However, she is a formidable trial lawyer if you must go to court to fight for your right to stay involved in your child’s life.

We Will Get You Through This

At Law Office of Heather L. Stewart, our eyes on your future. The decisions you make in the divorce process will affect your children, your finances and your well-being. You can count on us for steady guidance that gets you to a better place. To discuss your pending divorce with our experienced attorney, call 480-500-8473 or contact us online to schedule a consultation.