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Helping Families Find A Way Forward

At the Law Office of Heather L. Stewart, our full focus is on family law. We help families in crisis and transition. We help parents stand up for their rights and adjust to new realities. We make sure that the courts and the adults do what is in the best interests of the children.

Phoenix attorney Heather Stewart serves individuals and families in all facets of Arizona family law. As your lawyer, she can advocate for you in negotiations and contested proceedings. As a neutral mediator, she can facilitate solutions to custody disputes and other conflicts. In either capacity, you can count on her wise and compassionate guidance at every step.

Resolving Custody And Co-Parenting Disputes

Few issues are more intense than the care and custody of children when the parents decide to go their separate ways. We bring sanity and solutions to these hot-button issues to help parents find a way to make it work. We handle all disputes involving children:

  • Primary custody and parenting time (visitation)
  • Schedules and other details of the parenting plan
  • Child support and enforcement
  • Move-aways (parent relocation)
  • Modification of custody orders, parenting plans or child support
  • Paternity actions for parental rights or financial support
  • Stepparent adoption and termination of parental rights

Heather Stewart is a gifted negotiator in these complex disputes, and she is always prepared to represent her clients in court proceedings. She is also a certified mediator who encourages parents to consider mediation or collaborative family law as an alternative to litigation.

Prenuptial Agreements: Keeping Separate Property Separate

Prenuptial agreements were once the domain of millionaires. But many Millennial and Gen Z couples have embraced “prenups” as a prudent and practical backup plan for the statistical likelihood of divorce. A good prenuptial agreement avoids litigation and streamlines the divorce process if your marriage does end.

A prenuptial agreement overrides Arizona’s community property law. Instead of splitting marital wealth 50-50, assets are divided according to the terms of the prenup. Typically each spouse keeps the assets they brought to the marriage. A prenup can dictate property, debts and alimony, but not child custody or child support matters.

Heather Stewart can draft or review your premarital (or postmarital) agreement. As your lawyer, her role is to make sure the prenup is clear and compliant with Arizona law, that all assets are disclosed, and that both parties give their informed and uncoerced consent.

Do You Need Solutions In Family Law?

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