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How are child support determinations made in Arizona?

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Raising children in Arizona can be costly. Parents are required to provide the basics for their children such as food, clothing and shelter. These basics can be costly enough, but there are many other costs that parents need to provide for as they raise their children. There are medical expenses for both medical insurance and uninsured expenses associated with the medical care of their children. There also could be child care costs as well, if their children are younger. There are also school costs, extracurricular activities and other costs.

When married the parents will simply pay for these costs between the two of them. However, if the couple divorces, the parents will be split between two homes, and sharing the costs may be a little more difficult. That is why one parent may be required to pay child support to the other parent.

Basics of child support determinations

There are different aspects of the child support obligations though. The first is what is referred to as basic support. This is determined by combining the parents’ gross monthly income and the number of children the couple has together. There is a chart that states the presumed amount of basic support based on those circumstances.

The child support obligation will also include the amount that parents pay for health, dental and vision insurance for the children. Child-care costs that a parent incurs so they can work is included as well as certain school costs depending on the circumstances.

Once the total child support obligation is determined by combining basic child support and the other costs stated above, each parent’s obligation is determined based on the percentage of the combined monthly income they earn. So, if a parent earns 60% of the total combined income they will be responsible for 60% of the total child support obligation. This amount can be reduced though based on the amount of parenting time each parent has with the children.

There are many major determinations that people in Arizona need to make when they go through a divorce. One of those determinations is child support. While child support is determined by the child support guidelines, there are many different variations that affect the ultimate determinations for child support. Experienced attorneys understand the child support guidelines and how they are used to determine the child support obligation. They could be useful resources who can help guide one through the process.