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Can mediation resolve lingering issues in my case?

On Behalf of | May 24, 2022 | Mediation |

During an Arizona divorce when worrisome family law issues must be navigated, there can be an ongoing concern. Not only might the outcome be in question with various factors like child custody, child support, parenting time, alimony, and property division coming to the forefront, but the financial ramifications of the case itself can be enormous.

There is no doubt that seeing a case all the way through to trial can be expensive. In many instances, it is necessary to do so. If the sides have defined lines they will not deviate from, it can be hard to negotiate. For some, there are substance abuse problems or allegations of domestic violence. Mediation is likely not going to be effective in those instances. Still, in some cases, the divorce is not overly contentious and there is a common ground where the sides are in relative agreement.

For example, they might realize that a child is better off living with the mother and having parenting time with the father. This could be due to work schedules, bonding, schooling, and more. In such circumstances, family law mediation might be a wise option.

Key points about mediation

Mediation is a completely voluntary process that involves a neutral third party whose goal is not to take sides, but to find avenues to settle the dispute. This is a confidential process, meaning that anything discussed will remain private. The court will not be informed of anything said or done during the mediation other than discussing the schedule and certain technical matters. Both sides agree on the selection of the mediator. A notice is signed as to where and when it will take place and the mediator is identified.

Mediation is cheaper, animosity is diminished, the speed at which there is a settlement is moved up, it is flexible, there is privacy, and the parties have control. Mediation also prevents one side from feeling as if they “lost.” In addition, it can help the parties maintain a workable relationship after the case is over.

Family law mediation can be a positive way to settle a case

In family law cases, having guidance is imperative. However, people might forget the value of having compassionate help that is interested in searching for and achieving an outcome that benefits everyone. Mediation can keep a peaceful coexistence and put the foundation in place for the sides to avoid rancor and dispute. In cases where children are involved, this is especially valuable and important.

When people understand their objectives and can show flexibility, they should think about finding assistance that is focused on their best interests and can help with resolving their legal matters as efficiently as possible and has been doing so for a long period of time. This can be crucial to moving forward. Knowing how to use mediation is beneficial when formulating a strategy.