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What are the best interests of the child in a custody case?

On Behalf of | Apr 20, 2022 | Child Custody And Visitation |

During an Arizona family law case, it is easy for the spouses who are moving forward with a divorce to think about their own interests above all. However, when there are children involved, they must be a priority.

When deciding on child custody, parenting time, legal decision-making and the child’s best interests, it is imperative for the parents to remember the needs of the child. Still, they should not forget that they have rights and must take all the necessary steps to achieve their goals. Knowing the state law regarding these matters is essential.

Safety, education and development

The law states clearly that the child’s best interests are paramount with legal decision-making and parenting time. The court will look at myriad aspects to make an informed decision and serve the child’s needs.

If, for example, the child spent most of their time with a stay at home parent, that will be a fundamental factor in legal custody and parenting time. It does not mean that the parent who did not spend more time with the child will not have sufficient parenting time, but the other parent could have decision-making precedence.

The child will also have had interactions and a relationship with the parents, siblings and extended family members. This too will be weighed. Any child must have a safe and nurturing environment. Education is imperative. The child’s adjustment to a new home, a new school and a new community could impact the case. The court will consider medical care and the child’s health. The court will want to know that the parents can be cooperative with each other about the child, and not sabotage the other parent’s relationship with the child. Obviously, it will also consider any complaints of domestic abuse.

Experienced and caring help

While some family law cases can be settled amicably trough discussion and negotiation, others are more complex. When it must go to court, having assistance that will look out for the child and the client’s objectives can go a long way to reaching a positive outcome. Understanding the options available and forging a workable solution can be achieved.

From the beginning, it is useful to have experienced assistance to try and reach a positive result. Throughout Arizona, people need to know about the law regarding the child’s best interests, but they should think about their own interests as well. Having help to resolve legal matters from those who have been working in this area of the law for an extended period is key. This can help with moving forward effectively.